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Greening Backyard Tips

Landscapes are changing for the better due to the shift in environmental attitudes, and gardeners are standing up and taking notice of the effects that wasteful, environmentally unfriendly, and energy consuming practices can have on their surroundings.

“Going Green” is the battle cry that reigns supreme; making chemical laden lawns a thing of the past and stirring interest in materials that are environmentally friendly when creating a backyard paradise. You can go greener as well by following these ten tips:

# Employ Native Plants in the Landscape – Create a lovely garden and landscape scenario by utilizing native plants grown for your climate. At the same time your backyard getaway can invite a variety of butterflies and birds for your enjoyment.

# Enjoy the Lawn that Comes Naturally – Everyone knows someone who is devoted to maintaining their lawn, over the years this desire to have the greenest lawn on the block leads to the overuse of toxic chemicals and adds stress to the water supply. It is simpler to go green and allow your yard grow naturally with normal grasses and vegetation forming a great lawn.

# Add the Sound of Flowing Water – There is something so special and relaxing about the sound of running water. Your garden paradise can be highlighted by a water feature; consider using a solar-powered fountain, not only will it save you money, but it will add hours of soothing peacefulness.

# Look to Harness the Sun– The world is constantly looking for alternative energy sources. But thanks to solar technology you need look no further than the sun. By utilizing fixtures that are solar powered you can harness the sun’s energy during the day and enjoy the light at night.

# Try Outdoor Cooking – Whether you are firing up a good old fashioned charcoal grill or using the sun’s energy in a solar oven; when you cook in your backyard you won’t be over working your air conditioner with that hot oven heating up the kitchen.

# Use Ecologically Friendly Materials – When it comes to an outside patio; there is nothing quite like natural stone to bring out those rustic features. For fences, bamboo is quite popular these days and decks made out of cedar ignore rot while eventually weathering into a lovely shade of silver. Using environmental friendly materials helps pave the way for going green.

# Know Your Timber Choices – Various types of timber are grown and harvested to supply our needs. Some are grown using sustainable methods that ensure the least impact on the environment, knowing your building materials and how they are produced is one trait of an environmentally friendly consumer.

# Plan For The Longer-Term – Going green is all about purchasing items that are durable. When you buy products that will last for the long haul; you don’t have to worry about them breaking down or clogging landfills. Go with quality and durable products that can turn into family heirlooms and be enjoyed over and over again.

# Create a Surreal Environment – There are many items that can be chosen to create a classic backyard setting that will melt your heart and sooth your soul. The classic porch swing offers the same rustic appeal it did more than a century ago and the cast iron glider is as popular today as ever. There are many accessories that can be added to enhance your backyard paradise.

# Remember Those R’s – Most people have heard that it is vital to reduce, recycle and reuse, but in addition, it is just as important to repair and redecorate. Whenever you accessorize your landscape ensure that you pick items that are durable and easily recycled should they run their life cycle.