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The Advantages of Raising Potted Fruit Trees

Growing potted fruit trees will allow you to overcome a limited growing area and enjoy a nice harvest of delicious homegrown fruits in spite of the real estate. Even a porch, balcony, deck, or patio can offer many opportunities for raising fabulous fruits in containers!

As a matter of fact, potted fruit trees offer the backyard grower some advantages that acres of land in the country can’t match; just try growing citrus or tropical fruits out in the open in a northern climate. And who wouldn’t appreciate the convenience of taking your entire orchard with you if you ever decide to pack up and move from one location to another?

In other instances, even if you do have space to plant fruit trees in the ground, a container may really be a better option. For example, cold climate gardeners can raise potted fig trees and avoid the hassle of winter protection or the risk of the trees dying down to the ground because of icy temperatures.

Or if you have a shady yard, by growing potted fruit trees you can move the containers around to make best use of the available sunshine. And if you’re going to spruce up the deck or patio with plants anyway, why not chose plants that are both attractive and provide delicious fruit to enjoy?